WOD for 19June15

1. AM Session: Tabata, for max reps

Deadlift (185/135)

Box Jump (24/20″)

Front Squat (135/95)

Double unders

**Complete a full tabata protocol at each station (4 minutes of: 20 seconds of work / 10 seconds of rest) before moving to the next movement. No extra rest (unless your changing out weights) between movements. Post total reps for each movement/station. 


2. Lunch Session (1145-1245)

Clean and Jerk

3×2 at 80%

3×1 at 85%

1×1 at 90%

3×1 at 85%

3×2 at 80%

—followed immediately by “accessory work”–

4 Supersets of:

15 Bicep curls + max upbroken C2B pull ups.

Rest 1 minute

15 Skull crushers + max unbroken strict HSPU

Rest 1 minute, then repeat for four rounds.



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