WOD for 26Jun

I will likely be in for lunch only. Maybe the morning too… Not sure. 


1. Clean

A. 3×3 quick singles at 80%

B. 3×2 quick singles at 85%

C. 3×1 at 90%

D. Work up to a heavy single.


2. Conditioning

“JT meets Isabelle”

21-15-9 of:


Ring Dips

Push ups

10 Snatches at 135/95 after each round



Wall Ball, 30/20

Box Jump, 30/24

200m Run after every round

9 thoughts on “WOD for 26Jun

  1. Twas awesome to see ol Joey working the higher (for us) weights. Soon he is probably going to outpace all of us in the strength category.

  2. Did the first one my time was 22:18 at 95lbs and Aaron’s was 18:38 at 95lbs. Its had more strength than we thought is was going to be next time we will have a plan rather than just do 21 HSPUs straight (Aaron)!!!

  3. Yeah I think on longer WODs like this we need to take a few and try to come up with a strategy so when the next open rolls around we have at least tried to learn our pacing. I am coming up with a simple sign that we can put up with a folder to “advertise” when we are beasting as well as I am going to ask Fredericks if we can put up a flyer on the wall over where they usually hang stuff. We had a girl Cruz and I know from 5th come join us today. She would need some coaching as she is unfamiliar with the movements.

  4. Cruz and I mulled it over. We debated, we fought, we argued, we made up, and we decided to order some protein on Monday.

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