WOD for 8July

Many have you mentioned to me yesterday that you felt something. 

Call it a disturbance in the Force; call it a wrinkle in the Matrix. Call it what you will – but yesterday was a special day. 7July is the birthday for me (Nick) and Aaron. Two people. One day. Celebration. Unity. Glorious unity. And you all felt it. 

That said, here’s how we plan to increase our fitness on 8July: 


Push Press linear progression 

5RM Push Press then 4×5 at 90% of your 5RM. Try to add 2.5lbs or more to your previous 5RM. We will be doing this every week for a while. So record your numbers. Also- This is very important for increasing size and strength.  This should be your main focus for the day. Everything else is simply frosting on the cake. 


1. Clean Cycling

A. Max reps in :10 at 225/155

B. Max reps in :20 at 205/145

C. Max reps in :30 at 185/135

D. Max reps in :40 at 155/105

Rest 2 mins between each set.


2. Conditioning

For time:

1200m Run

100 Squats

80 Sit ups

60 push ups

40 Pull ups

2 thoughts on “WOD for 8July

  1. Did 176 for the 5RM on PP. I may have jerked my 4th rep on that but the jury is still out. I then did 4×5 at 150#s.

    We did the women’s weight on the Cleans
    Aaron- 155# x 4
    145# x 8
    135 x 13
    115 x 15 or 16. I forget.

    Im going to metanoia to do the conditioning WOD tonight. Going for sub 18. We will see.

  2. Did the METCON in 18:18. KInda forgot I was trying to do sub 18 or I probably woulda pushed a little harder. Oops.
    Definitely earned my recovery day!

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