WOD for 22July

A lot of us won’t be around for the AM session, so here is our agenda for lunch. If you can make it in for a second session, perform the accessory work as well. 

1. Back squat 3RM, then 4×3 at 90% of your 3RM. 


2.  AMRAP in 9 minutes (from yesterday) 

9 KB Swings (70/55#) 

9 Hand release push ups


3. Accessory work. Four super sets of (not for time): 

6-8 Glute Ham Raises on the GHD machine

6-8 Dumbbell bent over row, each arm

3 thoughts on “WOD for 22July

  1. 9 rounds for the Met Con (97# KB, Russian swings for me) and I did 4 sets of 8 reps each for the superset. Good times!

  2. Did 264 for 3 RM. 3rd Rep was a pretty good struggle. Then did 240 (ish?) for the rest.
    Did Either 10 or 11 rounds for part 2. I lost count. Coulda certainly pushed it harder, still fighting off a bug though.

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