WOD for 24July

I am on leave until next week. Those of you who are around, keep on this strength cycle and record your numbers. 

1. Cleanx 2 reps + Push Jerk x 1 rep 

6 sets, work up to a heavy set but don’t max out. 

2. Back racked Barbell Lunge

5×10 steps, use roughly the same weight for each set. Take 3-5 minutes of rest between sets. 

3. For time 


Shoulder to overhead 110/88#

Pull ups

2 thoughts on “WOD for 24July

  1. I worked my way up from 155 to 205 on the cleans and jerk. Definitely getting stronger on those as I had no missed reps.
    I did 154 on the walking lunges for the first 3 sets and then dropped to 110 for the last 2 as I was running out of time.
    Didn’t make the METCON but wanted to.

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