WOD for 27July

Wow. The CrossFit Games were absolutely electrifying. Those athletes can lift like behemoths and yet they’re fast and agile and posses accuracy. In short, they embody our potential at excelling at the ten general physical skills. 

Admin note: A lot of us are on leave this week again (me included). I’ll be back in the gym Friday. In the meantime, enjoy!
1. Front squat 5RM (try for 2.5# or more heavier than last time) then 3×5 at 90% of 5RM. 
2. Sprint-Style conditioning 

Take 25% of your unbroken Ring MU: 4 Sets of “X” MU + “X” Dips + “X” MU. So, if you can do 6 unbroken MU then take 25% of 6 and fill in for “X” …. If you don’t have muscle ups then either work your strict dips/ring dips in 4 sets or lower the rings and practice doing MU from a jumping position. 
3. 3 rounds for time of: 

10 thrusters at 50% of your 5RM front squat 

Sled sprint-push down and back on green terf.  Keep the sled light enough so that you can sprint / run while pushing it, but also loaded enough to make it difficult. 

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