WOD for 3Aug

Reminder note on our current programming: We are working through a linear strength cycle and tailoring our workouts to fit that cycle. That said, our workouts will not be strictly following the competitorstraining.com site for a few more weeks. 

A full week of training lies ahead of us. I should be in for lunch, but will not be in for the AM session. 

1.  Pause high bar Back Squat (pause for 3 seconds at the bottom: 5 sets of 5. 

2.  2 Rounds for time of:

Row 600m

15 handstand push ups (go from a deficit if you can do these unbroken)

12 KB Deadlifts (2×100# KBs for men/2×70# KBs for women)

***feel free to keep those heavy KBs over near the rack and simply run over there to do the DLs.  

3. Accessory strength work

Eight sets (not for time)

Glute ham raises x4-6 reps on the GHD

Hang squat snatch x1 heavy rep


2 thoughts on “WOD for 3Aug

  1. That looks like a solid day of working out! I have been following Inceptions programming and it has been pretty METCON focused. They said I can do whatever though off to the side so I am going to rock and roll with the strength portion on here as well as with their METCONs.

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