WOD for 31Aug

Monday! Gotta love it. 


Here’s the agenda today. I’ll be in for lunch. 


1. Conditioning


Row 500m

10 overhead squats (155/105#)

**try to grab the lifting platforms near the three rowers on the first floor of Frederick. Also, make sure that whatever weight you pick for this workout allows you to achieve solid depth AND stay on your heels. Joe- knees out!!


–rest 5 minutes–


2.  Set a clock for 10 minutes and work up to a heavy single Power Clean. 

One thought on “WOD for 31Aug

  1. Did it in 12:03 with 135. I broke up 2 of the sets. I paced at 2:02 on the rower across the board. I was popping up on my toes quite a bit. Im gonna do some ankle MWODs to try and fix that.
    I didn’t get too the PCs.

    Joey Cruz did 88#s on 13:10. He is going to work on strength.

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