WOD for 1Sept

Lunch time at the Fred. Invite your friends and change someone’s life. 


1. Conditioning 

2 rounds for time: 

100 Double Unders

40 toes to bar

20 Deadlifts (225/205#)


2. For max distance: 

Back racked barbell walking lunge.. 


Use the center terf with 135#/95#. Don’t drop the bar on the terf. Lunge for as many laps back and forth as you can on the terf. Have two “walking spotters” take the bar off your back when you tap out so that we don’t anger the MWR peeps and drop the bar away from the platforms. 


One thought on “WOD for 1Sept

  1. Aaron-Did it in 17:24. I HAVE to get a lighter rope. It smoked out my forearms so bad I could hardly do the TTB. I ended up doing singles for the last 20 or so on the 2nd set because I couldn’t hold onto the bar. The DLs and DUs weren’t bad though other than that. I did a 15 meter walk. I coulda done more…
    Joey-19:43. I need to get better at DUs. I did 5 reps at a time and rested for 3-5 seconds for the TTB and it helped my time, but the DUs really wrecked me. I did 225 and did 5 reps at a time. I went the full length and a 1/4 with 135 walking lunge.

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