WOD for 9Sept

For our Wednesday lunch time enjoyment. Show time is 11:40. 

1. Low volume Strength work

Work up to a heavy 3-rep Back Squat. 


2. Conditioning


10 Power clean (110/88#)

15 Calorie Row


3. Optional  

3-4 super sets of:

12-15 GHD Sit ups

12-15 back extensions 

12-15 second hold in bottom of squat (holding a light KB in the front rack position)


2 thoughts on “WOD for 9Sept

  1. Cruz took the day off. He is having knee issues and I advised him to rest it for a little while.
    I did backsquats for 245. I did a 4-3 at 245 on Monday and my legs are still a little smoked.
    Did 5 sets plus 5 reps on the 10 minute AMRAP or 6 sets 5 reps. I lost count. I was on my 4 set at 5 minutes so I may have been on the 6 but whatevs.
    I paced a little slow actually.

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