WOD for 17Sept

Rest and recovery day! 


In case you are new with us, or you have been following from a distance, you’ll notice that we work out for three days in a row, then rest one day, work out Friday and then Saturday on our own or at a local affiliate. 3 days of work/1 day of “recovery”/2 days of work – rinse and repeat. 


The “military way” is typically to assume that more is better. Why run 2 miles when you can run 10? Why do 30 clean and jerks when you could do 90? (You get the point)


Here’s the truth:  More is not always better; in fact, when it comes to peak performance, it is actually detrimental.  


All that to say – Use your recovery day well. If you missed a workout day, feel free to make up a missed workout. 

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