WOD for 22Sept


1. Heavy snatch: 

5 at 50%

3 at 70%

1-1-1-1 at 75/80/85/90%

If you didn’t miss any.. Go for a PR for heavens sake. 


2. For time


Squat snatch (115#/85#)

Box jumps (30/24″)


3. Flight simulator

50-40-30-20-10 of unbroken double unders. Rest between sets. Each set must be unbroken or repeated before moving on. Your score is your total time. 

2 thoughts on “WOD for 22Sept

  1. Did 155 for my 90%. I missed at 165.

    Did the METCON in 8:53. It was pretty gnarly but fun!

    I ran out of time on the double unders. I couldn’t quite get the set of 50. I did 39,34,29,24 and then gave up.

  2. Pr on snatch 176, try the 190 but fail

    10:56 on the metcon with step ups, rolled my ankle in the morning

    2:56 on d.u went to 47 break, repeat 50 then went unbroken until the last set of 10

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