WOD for 23Sept

I will be making up some of yesterday’s action during lunch. But here’s the agenda for the rest of the crew. 


1. “Christine”

3 rounds for time of:

Row 500m

12 deadlifts (bodyweight)

21 box jumps (20″ not 24″) 

**yes, I know we are doing box jumps two days in a row. These are low and yesterday’s was high!


2. Glute Ham Raises

3x 6-8 reps  


3. Optional – if your shoulders aren’t smoked from Monday and Tuesday. 

Superset x5 with rest between sets:

5-7 weighted pull ups

5 strict ring dips + max reps kipping ring dips 


4. NOT Optional

Couch stretch (Google if needed)

Left leg x 1-2 minutes 

Right leg x 1-2 minutes

Repeat one more time   

One thought on “WOD for 23Sept

  1. So I did the METCON in 9:45. I felt like I kept a pretty good pace throughout.

    Knocked out the weighted pull ups and GH raises as well. Going to knock out the couch stretch at work. I got caught up BSing at the gym and I forgot. Oops

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