WOD for 20 Oct

Holy smokes. Yesterday was terrible (I did it in my garage… super fun).  


1. Three sets not for time. 

Max reps elevated ring rows (feet should be even with ring height or high enough that athletes can only get between 6-10 reps to work on strength rather than strength endurance)

20 Hollow rocks

* This strengthening drill is to re-inforce the tight hollow body position an athlete should be in when jumping up to the pull up bar to begin a kipping pull up. It is also what they should go back to after the “Arch” or “open” position in the kip swing.


2.  4 Rounds for time: 

4 OHS (185#/130#)*

8 Box Jumps (30”/24”)

12 ring dips

**OHS = about 70-75% of your 1rm snatch but not over 185# / 130#

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