WOD for 26Oct

This week is “Intro to CrossFit week” at CrossFit 89 at Frederick gym during lunch. Join us! We have around 6 people signed up and ready to go. We’d love for you come, too. 


For our regular athletes, you’ll be doing the following (Intro athletes will be doing something else):


1. Anaerobic testing

Death by power snatch (155/105#)

Min 1: 1 snatch

Min 2: 2 snatches 


Go until you can’t!


2. Cindy

AMRAP in 20 minutes 

5 pull ups

10 push ups 

15 air squats 



AMRAP in 20 minutes 


10 one legged squats (5 each leg)

15 pull ups 

2 thoughts on “WOD for 26Oct

  1. We did half Cindy as a group for the intro class. One of the new guys got 7 full rounds and the other did 8 or 9. Whitney did 11 full rounds +5. Overall it was a solid day of mobility and instruction!

  2. I did half Cindy at Metanoia and knocked out 15 complete rounds plus 8 into the push ups. I strategized a bit. I broke up every set of push ups in 5+5 so I didnt go to muscle failure. I tried to keep a sub 45 second round pace too and averaged around 40 seconds.

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