WOD for 28 Oct

Welcome to Wednesday. Time to test your fitness. 


1. TEST (strength endurance)



For Time (strength endurance)

100 Push press (135#/95#)

*Every time you put the bar down run four laps on green terf (there and back x2). 


2. Drink water and stretch your shoulders 

4 thoughts on “WOD for 28 Oct

  1. Did 15 strict pull ups. Coulda probably done more but Cindy struck today and my upper body is pretty sore.
    Did the 100 Push Presses at 136 (Yes Im taking that pound) in 26:58.
    It was glorious.

  2. Beasted those push presses. That was gnarly. I was sharing the rack with 2 other people thats gonna be my excuse for my time in the 20’s and I am sticking to it.

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