WOD for 2 Nov

Depending on your schedule at lunch, do one or both of the following. See you all at 11:40 at the Fred. 


1. By yourself, or in teams of 3. 


MIN 1: Row for Calories

MIN 2: push press (75#/55#)

Min 3: Strict Pull up

*If you’re doing this in a 3-person team, start at a different station and rotate through. Everyone rests at the same time.  


*This is meant to be a workout where atheltes can either push hard if they are feeling good after last week, or they can throttle back and just move consistently for a minute at a time to get blood flow and aid in recovery. 


2. Pause front squats 

4 sets of 4 (at the same weight) with a  2 second pause at the bottom. 

One thought on “WOD for 2 Nov

  1. Worked up too 220 on the pause squats. Started at 200. Did 145 or 146 total reps on the EMOM. The pullups slowed me down and we went up to 95#s.

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