WOD for 6 Nov

11:35 at Frederick gym. 


“The Gauntlet”


30 min time limit. Athlete with the highest number rounds of Cindy at the end wins.



1000M Row

50 Thrusters (45# Men/ 30# Women)

30 Pull-ups

– then –


10 rounds

3 Snatches (135# Men/85# Women)

15 Wall Ball (20# @ 10 foot target/16# @ 8 foot target Women)

– then –

AMRAP of “Cindy” in the remaining 30 minutes

7 thoughts on “WOD for 6 Nov

  1. That looks simply maniacal. Too bad I am on a jump tomorrow! Hopefully it will get rained out so I can suffer with you guys!!!

  2. Cruz said he did 1 set of Cindy and 1 pull up into round two.
    I did nothing. My jump got scratched.

    We did crush some fewls this morning at 5th with a bunch of burpees and running.


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