WOD for 8Nov

See you all at 11:40 at Frederick. 


1. EMOM for 8 MIN

3 squat Cleans @ 70% 1rm clean


2. “Elizabeth”


Power Clean (135#/95#)

Ring Dip


*the weight on Elizabeth should be something that the members can go unbroken on with the power clean. Ring dips should be close to unbroken as well..

3 thoughts on “WOD for 8Nov

  1. So did the squat cleans at 187(ish) and they broke me off pretty good. Did the first 3 sets tng and dropped the last 5 sets.

    Did Elizabeth in 5:28. Went into it thinking I was going to try and go unbroken…that didn’t work out. Either way it was a fun WOD.

    Good effort by all!

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