WOD for 10Nov

Big announcement.  


Want to improve your Olympic lifts (i.e. The snatch and the clean and jerk)??? Then check this out. 


14 November from 3 to 5pm at CrossFit Metanoia, train with Joe Snymanek from Joesbarbell.com and drill technique, lift some weight, and spend quality time under the bar. If you are relatively new to CrossFit and the Olympic lifts, this seminar is a great opportunity. Cost is $35. 


14 Nov. 3 to 5pm. Taught by Joe Szymanek from Joesbarbell.com. Cost is $35. Email joeshu2326@gmail for a slot ASAP!


See you all at Frederick gym at 11:40 for:


1. “Sugar and spice”

AMRAP in 8 minutes 

3 hang power snatch (135/95#)

30 double unders


2. Set a clock for 8 minutes

Perform 10 seconds of Hollow rock holds  

Then 20 seconds of rest 

Perform 10 seconds of Arch holds

Then 20 seconds of rest 

* repeat 8 times for 8 minutes of action. 

2 thoughts on “WOD for 10Nov

  1. So update, there are only 10 slots remaining for the snatch seminar so if your planning on doing it signing up sooner rather than later is a good idea.

    So Cruz told me he did 10 rounds and 5 DUs into that. So I think I miscounted and did 10 full rounds and 1 snatch into round 11 at 110#s.

    It was a fun workout throughout though! Big Dan crushed it at 135!

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