WOD for 23 NOV!

So today is the day I (Aaron) take over programming while Nick is going to be away in the woods.

We will meet at our usual time and place, 1130 at Frederick Physical Fitness Center.

So with a programming transition in mind I would like to throw out a shout out to CF89 Founder and inspiration Dave Hudson! The following WOD is for you Dave!


The Dave Hudson!


10 Deadlifts 225/155

20 Box Jumps 24/20

30 Cal row


Before we knock that out though make sure you get some good technique work in on DLs and the rower.

As a “warm up” we are going to do something I am presently going to call…mental toughness Mondays. For this Monday it is going to be Max Rep Wall Ball Shots 20/14. The goal here is 50 in a row. Don’t put that ball down until you get to at least 50!! If 50 was easy for you then try 60 or 70. Remember mental toughness, its only a 20 pound ball guys!

Post Score to Comments so we can compare how everyone did.


2 thoughts on “WOD for 23 NOV!

  1. Did the METCON in 10:54. Did it unbroken, twas fun!

    Did 60 reps on the max effort wall ball. I coulda kept going but the goal was 50 and I was starting to get smoked and did want to negatively effect my METCON performance.

  2. Did 39 reps on the max effort wall ball. I could not do anymore I need to build up my cardio. The METCON was fun and again I need to work on my cardio the row was kicking my butt time: 14:13.

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