WOD for 24 NOV

So programming is going to consist of General Physical Preparedness for the next several months in order to prepare for the Crossfit Open. If you don’t know what the “open” is ask myself (Aaron) or Joey and we will explain it to you. So with preparation for the open in mind I am going to do my best to ensure all our athletes can perform all of the varying different kinds of movements. So for example, everyone can do a Deadlift the question is how much weight and for how long can you do that deadlift? Not everyone though can do double unders or a muscle up right now. So we are going to focus (as a group) on developing the skills to be able to perform all the movements that could be found in the CF open. With that being said, if you can do double unders, muscle ups, pistols, hand stand push ups etc etc. feel free to load on the weight and pursue growing your shoulders into your head like this guy below



Wow, I must be back in high school…cause there sure are a lotta Jerks in here!


1.Work up to your 1RM Jerk. Push or Split.


2. 7 RFT:

5 Jerks at 70%

Run down and back on the turf 2x.


So down and back x 2=120 yards (Roughly)


Here are the two kinds of jerks:


Post times and weights to comments so you can track them down the road next time we do a heavy jerk.

4 thoughts on “WOD for 24 NOV

  1. Sarah also did 110#s for a PR (I think)

    I did 210 today for a heavy split jerk. Not really even close to my PR but I am feeling a bit sick.

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