WOD for 25 NOV!

Merry Thanksgiving WOD!!!!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving you will have the opportunity with the workout today to thank your WOD Buddy because you guessed it!!! This is a partner WOD as well as Nick’s “See you soon but hopefully not too soon WOD”

The name of this one is:



In teams of two complete the following for time:

100 Ring Dips

100 Toes to bar


One athlete works at a time.

The “resting” partner is farmers walking with two 53/35 pound kettlebells around the green turf. The athletes switch EVERY time an athlete comes off the bar and once you come off the bar you can’t get back onto the bar until it is your turn again.

After we complete this WOD choose a skill that you aren’t good at and get some reps in on it. For most of us this is going to be double unders.


Today I will bring an order form for T shirt. If you want one they are gonna be 20 dollarsish. Once you sign up for a shirt you are solemnly obligated under punishment of SCOURGING to pay for it when it arrives. The last thing I need is 15 CF89 shirts of varying sizes hanging around my house cause you ordered 3 and then decided you didn’t want them.


Lets get beastly folks.



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