WOD for 30 NOV 2015

Mentality Mondays Folks!

We are going to kick this pretty intense session off with another round of max wall balls!

The Goal here is 50! If you did 50 in a row last time I want you to shoot for 60! Remember that the point of this is not to unduly break you off, it is to take a workout that is easy to rest on and force yourself to keep going even if it hurts! I am still recovering from a sickness but I am going to shoot for 60 again not 70 because…

Today’s WOD proper is:



3 x Overhead Squats at a comfortable weight.

This is a movement we don’t do a lot of and it did show up in the open last year so we are going to hitting it up more often as open season approaches. This movement is more a mobility test than anything, at light weight.




Strict HSPUs

FS 185/135

Chest to bar pull ups

(If the number of chest to bars are too easy for you scale to bar muscle ups.)





If you have the time read Doug Chapman’s Mindset Monday blurb from a couple mondays ago:

“Mindset Monday: Getting the most out of the training – How you approach a WOD

How do you get the most out of your training? Your mental approach to training can be the key variable getting most out of the training. How you approach a work out can make a huge difference. We do a workout at our training camps to drive home the point about mental approaches to training as well as physical outcomes. There are three mental approaches to most workouts: Practice, training and competition. Each workout can have three aspects. The aspects of training are not mutually exclusive. It would be a really rare case to find discrete separation between the athletes.

Consider the following workout:

  • Hand Stand Push-up: 3
  • Pistol: 6 (alternating legs)
  • AMRAP: 5:00

Stimulus/Response goal of the workout: When you train there should be a stimulus – exercise, repetition scheme and load in combination with a goal adaptation. The athlete will be independent variable in the workout. The athlete determines the adaptation. Think about these approaches to the training:

  • Practice: Maybe you are not good at the movements; approach the WOD like it is a practice in the skills.
  • Training: Lets say you are good at the movements but you are slow, approach the WOD to redline and push your edge.
  • Competition: Okay, you are a beast at the movements. Approach the workout and game it, figure out your best paces to max your score. Sometimes you will max your score without maxing your training effect.

Let’s take a look at three theoretical athletes:

  • Athlete A: Is an early developmental athlete. Does not have the skills/strength/balance to the workout as prescribed. Maybe their technique or strength is issues in their ability. Athlete A would be best suited to scale the workout with an eye on how to get the greatest impact on development. Scaling this athlete is really the art of coaching.
  • Athlete B: Has the skills to do the workout but may need to refine the skills in the workout or develop work capacity. This athlete may have a rapid deterioration in technique due to fatigue. This athlete pushes their limits and is forced to rest during the training to be able to work again. The training effect will be maxed for this athlete.
  • Athlete C: Has high levels of skills and capacity to accomplish the training and experiment with cyclic rate that allows them to keep moving throughout the AMRAP and max reps. There are really very few people who have the capacity to train like this.

Depending on the content of the workout will determine the athletes approach to the workout. The rolls of the athletes will change depending on the loading, fatigue factors and complexity of the movements. Getting the most out of your training will be a function your ability objectively assesses where you would get the most out of your training.”

Site: http://www.hyperfitusa.com/blog.html/page/2

5 thoughts on “WOD for 30 NOV 2015

  1. Did 50 on the Wall Balls. I was down with the sickness and pushing through to 50 was rough, let alone 60.

    OHS are a noted weakness. We will be programming more of those in the coming months so be prepared.

    I did the METCON in 5:22, the FSs were rough!

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