WOD for 03 DEC

So today is a day dedicated to Snatches.

Snatches are complex and difficult to master. So we are gonna give it a solid go today and improve our technique.

I am going to be late to the noon class as well so Daniel and Cruz will head this one up.



Warm Up-Do the Burgener Warmup with snatch grip

  1. Snatch Complex

5 x Power snatch tng into Squat Snatch at comfortable weight.

Really really focus on form here. Keep the weight at a manageable level.


2. Ascending Ladder


Snatch 95/65

Pull Ups

So its going to be 1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4….etc until you reach ten.


Here is some motivation for you!

image8 (2).jpeg


6 thoughts on “WOD for 03 DEC

  1. Did the squat snatches at 111 this morning.
    Felt good, getting my technic down for bigger lifts. I’m still recovering from my knee injury but the movements don’t really bother me.

  2. That was way worse than I kinda intended but I felt like it was a solid workout for EVERYone involved. Did 110 on the TNGs this morning. I was really trying to sink in my technique. On the METCON did 8:27. I couldn’t keep up with Daniel and the snatches.

    Congrats to Ryan on his first workout RXed. Thats a first big step in a long road.
    And congrats again to Daniel and Cliff on new PRs.
    And Sarah on going hulk on this.

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