WOD for 04 DEC

Great work yesterday folks but…

Today is the day folks.

The Binning Data is DUE.

Let’s start this party off with:

  1. 20 Bar Muscle Ups in as few of sets as possible. Lowest score wins! (Scale is chest to bar or banded chest to bar)


2.The Binning Data

20 Cal Row

19 Double Unders

18 Overhead Lunges 45#

17 Toes to Bar

16 KBS 53/35

15 Cal Row

14 Dus

13 OH Lunges

12 TTB

11 KBS 53/35

10 Cal Row

9 Dus

8 OH Lunges


6 KBS 53/35

5 Cal Row

4 Dus

3 OH Lunges


1 KBS 53/35

20 Cal Row

I will bring a print out but it is the same theme just different reps for each one. Make sure you end with the 20 CAL row. Just when you thought the Binning Data was done…

I anticipate that this will take a while so come in and get a short warm up then hit the muscle ups up quick so we can get started.

And this is my last workout for a couple weeks cause  I am going on leave and Daniels too so BE THERE!!! And that means you too Alicia!

6 thoughts on “WOD for 04 DEC

  1. Hahahahaaa Cliff lost it.
    I did the MUs in 1 set. That’s a pretty big jump over my last PR of 7 reps.

    Did the METCON in 10:37. Felt like crap throughout. this sickness has gotta go.

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