WOD for 07 DEC


So I am going to be on leave for the next couple weeks. Whitney will be filling in for me.

I ordered the T-Shirts and they should be in next week at some point. Joey is gonna pick them up and distribute them. At cost they are 18$s a piece. If you want to pay 20 per and donate 2 dollars towards the “Get Dave, our founder, and Joe, who is deployed, a Tshirt” fund I would appreciate it.



Here is the workout:

Mentality Monday!! Or Mindset Monday!!!:

  1. 135/95 Clean and Jerks TNG

3 x MAX REPs, not for time, rest as needed in between. As soon as you drop the weight your set is over!!! 135 is max weight, the athlete should be able to do 8-10ish of their weight.

The intent here is for the athlete to be able to do around 30 total over the 3 sets. SOOO if you can only do 135 TNG twice before you have to drop then scale it down.


2. 6 x 400 meter sprints with 2x rest in between.

These are max effort sprints here, give it all you’ve got.

Now some words from Ron Burgundy, ”



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