WOD for 21 DEC!!!

Oh yeah,

You know what day it is?

It’s Monday and that means…



Were are gonna start this shindig off with:

1: 5 minutes max distance farmers walk with 2 Kettlebells of the 53/35# persuasion.

This is a exercise that is (or at least is intended) to force you to suffer. I don’t want you guys gaming this, carry the kettlebells for as long as you can and rest for as short as you can before carrying on. It is called Mindset Monday for a reason, embrace the pain and force yourself to keep going.


Festivus Games 17 OCT 2015 event 1:

6 min AMRAP with a 20 CAL row “buy in”

then 3 wall walks and 6 pull ups for the remaining time.

Once the 6 minutes is up you have 2minutes to rest and then a 1 minute max cal row.


You have got to really really push it on these shorter workouts to get the most out of it. Burn this one down.

4 thoughts on “WOD for 21 DEC!!!

  1. Did 5 full rounds plus 1 into pull ups. Also did 26 cals on the row

    Did 18 laps on the farmers carry as well.

    Ugh, note to self. Never take 2 weeks off ever again.

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