Festivus Games 2016!

So the Festivus Games are being hosted at Crossfit Metanoia on 16 April,

I participated in it last Oct and it was a great time. If you are looking for a first competition this is it!

There are two divisions, intermediate and scaled. It specifically prohibits “firebreathers” from competing so that us normal Crossfitters can compete and not be made to look foolish.

The cost is 65$s and includes a Tshirt.

Here is the information on it from Crossfit Metanoia’s facebook https://www.facebook.com/cfmetanoia/?fref=ts:

“CrossFit Metanoia is excited to host the Festivus Games this coming April. Registration is live now and the organizers have included a free t shirt for anyone to registers before February 28th.

All Athletes get a $20 shirt included if they register by February 28th! Only those Athletes who register through February 28th will get a Festivus Games shirt INCLUDED in their registration fee. All Athletes who register by February 28th will have their shirts shipped to CF Metanoia. All Athletes who register after February 28th will be directed to the Festivus Games organizer’s new shirt vendor to order a shirt if you choose. Cost will be approximately $20 + shipping and will be shipped by the vendor to your home address.”

Here is where you can register:


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