WOD FOR 05 JAN 2016

1130 at Fredericks Gym.


So first workout for 2016 IS…..

1: Max set kipping pull ups!! This is for Thunderdome Tuesday. So hang onto that bar and nug them out. Don’t be a pansy! This is about mental conditioning folks!

and then:


The Dave Hudson!IMG_2265

“Dave Hudson”


10 DL 225/155.

20 Box jumps 24/20.

30 CAL Row.


General physical skills targeted.

DL- Strength and balance

Box Jumps-Speed and accuracy

Row-Stamina and Cardiovascular endurance


We did this late November and are doing it again to see if we have made any improvements in the specified areas!

A key component of Crossfit is being “constantly varied” which is not “random.” To track progress you have to hit WODs over again to see if you are making improvements and if you aren’t one of a couple things is happening.

  1. The Buffet line is calling and you pick it up everytime.
  2. You took some time off and are getting back into it.
  3. Your programming sucks and you need to find a new program…

Soooo yeah push it hard and let us hit 2016 like a Pinata full of Colt 45 at a Frat Party!




6 thoughts on “WOD FOR 05 JAN 2016

  1. Did it in 10:59. Which was only a 5 second drop from my previous 10:54. Not as bad as I thought! Did 46 on the pull ups. Literally just lost grip. Oops

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