WOD for 06 JAN 2016

1130 at Fredericks Gym!!!


So next time you go all out on a WOD and fall off the rower at the end and are feeling sorry for yourself just ask yourself this question:


So with extreme pain and suffering in mind here is the WOD:

  1. 15 Minutes to work up to a 5RM BS.

and then:

2. EMOMx16

Min 1: 10 TTB

Min 2: Prowler Push Down w/  Med weight (depends on the humidity what medium weight is)

Min 3: 10 Russian Kettlebell swings w/ 90#s and 66 or whatever random weight that is between 53 and 70 for the females.

Min 4: Rest


The transition between the BSs and METCON is going to have to be fast. So make sure when you come in we are rocking and rolling!


10 General Physical Skills

BS-Strength, Stamina, flexibility

TTB-Stamina, flexibility, accuracy

Prowler Push-Speed, Cardio endurance

Russian Kettlebells- Power, Strength, Coordination.



2 thoughts on “WOD for 06 JAN 2016

  1. Changed the WOD due to unforeseen circumstances to:
    Min: 1 10 TTB
    Min 2: 1 prowler push with 3×45 plates
    Min 3: 10xrussian KBS at 88#s.

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