Recovery Day 07 JAN 2015

1130 at Fredericks Gym!



Today is a recovery day NOT a rest day. If you are thinking about taking a rest day take some motivation on the following pictures:IMG_1579.jpg



Yes I know the answer to your question. That is The Dave Hudson doing “The Dave Hudson” in a Crossfit 89 Shirt and by the way he crushed all of our times by scoring a 8:40. Which is ridiculously fast. And Dave doesn’t take rest days when they are recovery days! So neither should you.


On the docet for todays recovery day is:

Double Unders!!!!

Get them craps under control!!! They are coming up soon in a named WOD and you want to be able to knock them out of the park! And I dang near guarantee they are gonna be in the Crossfit Open!


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