Team WOD for 08 JAN

1130 at Fredericks Gym.


So today is a Team WOD.

It is called

Can you chip in?

And you guessed it. It is a chipper. Get the pun?


Get a good solid warm up.


Can you chip in?

In teams of 3 (if you don’t have three we will adjust):

15 Bar Muscle Ups

15 Back Squats 225/155

30 Strict HSPUs

30 Cleans 185/135

45 Burpees

45 OHS 135/95

1 Mile Run (as a team, must be within arms reach)


10 General Physical Skills:

Muscle Ups-Coordination, balance, agility, accuracy

Back Squats-Power, strength

HSPUs- Strength, balance

Cleans- Coordination, power, stamina

Burpees- Cardiovascular endurance

OHS- Flexibility, balance

Run- Cardiovascular endurance, stamina


Now I know we don’t don’t run often and I almost put it as a “surprise” as I know half of you wont show up because there is a run. Now don’t be a pansy, running is part of fitness too.


Now Whitney be like:

Whitney be like.jpeg

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