WOD for 12 JAN 2016

So first things first,

The yearly payment for the website is coming up. It is 100 dollars total and if anyone wants to throw ten dollars for it, it would certainly help out.




Third thing,

Turkish Get Up practice.


Fourth Thing,


Team WOD!

Grab a person of similar size.

One athlete working at a time!!!



Farmers Carry x 4 laps   70/53 each hand

Firemans Carry x 4 laps

10 x KB deadlift with 140/106 (Each partner will do 5 each round)

Prowler push w/ heavy weight x 2


Switch as you feel necessary but try and keep it even.

Try not to look like this:



10 General Physical Skills:

Turkish Getups- Balance, coordination, (Core) strength

Farmers Carry-Stamina

Firemans carry-Balance, cardio endurance

KB Deadlift- Strength, power

Prowler push-Cardio endurance, power, speed


Intent-Develop grip strength and develop core balance and power.

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