WOD for 14 JAN 2016

At the Fred at 1130.


Today we are going to close out the week with a benchmark WOD after we knock ut some snatches.

  1. EMOMx6

2 x TNG Snatches at 80% of 1 RM

Focus on technique here. Remember: Mechanics, Consistency, Intensity.

Get the mechanics down and get consistent before you ramp up the weight and intensity.


Workout part 2:

ANNIE!!! (Thorisdottir)




Double Unders

Abmat situps


Note of advice, warm up your abs before this pretty thoroughly. I paid the price of not yesterday.

10 General Physical Skills

Snatches-Strength, stamina, coordination

Double Unders- Coordination, speed, cardiovascular endurance

Situps-speed, stamina

Intent-Develop touch and go skills at heavier weight with the snatches. Get a good benchmark for a double under heavy workout.

Have fun!

2 thoughts on “WOD for 14 JAN 2016

  1. I was once again a wolfpack of one but I finished Annie in 10:45. DUs still slow me way down. The snatchwork I worked with 120 and felt pretty good with it.

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