The Open is UPON US!

All Crossfit89 Athletes know that the Crossfit Open 2016 is now open for registration.

The link to do so is here:

The cost is 20 dollars and well worth it. If you haven’t done it yet believe when I say it that it will change your perspective on fitness and it is a ton of fun. Not to mention that we are going to be doing the Open Workouts anyways so you mine as well compete and see how you do!!

Last year there was somewhere in the neighborhood of 300k people competing so if you are worried about looking dumb and not doing well no worries! Out of that 300k people at least one of them is bound to be worse than you! Boom! Goal Setting.

Seriously though it is a blast and there are scaled divisions so if you cant do a handstand push up or muscle up then you don’t have to sweat it there is a scale.


So sign up, pay the 20 dollars, put your affiliate as Crossfit89 and prepare to have a blast!!!

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