WOD for 19 FEB 2015

1130 at Frederick’s Gym.


Ok, so reminder to register for the Crossfit Open and  the Festivus games at CF Metanoia in April if you haven’t already. It is better to register for stuff early so that you can kinda get your feet under you and start mentally preparing for them.


For Thunderdome Tuesday we are doing:

2Min max reps OHS 95/65 taking it from the floor. Oh yeah.

Then we are doing strict JT



Ring Dips



I imagine this will be significantly easier than last time not having done Grace first so make sure you put your best effort in here!

Remember that kipping is the scaled option and is perfectly acceptable if you don’t quite have the movements mastered strict.


Ten General Physical Skills:

OHS- Balance, stamina, flexibility

HSPUs- Balance, stamina

Ring Dips- Balance (if done on rings), stamina


Intent-Develop stamina in specifically the balance domain. Figure out how to balance and keep solid after a high amount of reps. That is the reason why this workout is “strict” as opposed to kipping.


If you also happen to remember please bring a few dollars for the website.


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