WOD for 20 JAN 2016

1130 at the Frederick for BEAST OPERATIONS!!!

I am going to be making my hazard pay today so I may or may not be in there for this.

If not Cliff, its on you.


Today is the day we do some testing on how we have improved over the last year. We are doing a workout entitled 15.1 and 15.1a!

This was the first workout in the Crossfit Open last year and was also the first time anybody ever cheered for me whilst doing a WOD, oh the memories! (sniffle sniffle)

So here it is:



15 TTB

10 DL 115/75

5 Snatches 115/75

Straight into 15.1a

6 minutes to reach a max clean and jerk.


So this workout will take 15 minutes total. 9 minutes for 15.1 and 6 minutes for 15.1a.

Last year I did 118 reps on 15.1 and 205 on 15.1a

This year I expect to crush that but we shall see tomorrow.

Here is some motivation for you!!!

10 General Physical Skills:

TTB-Stamina and accuracy (grip is key here)

Deadlifts-Speed (knock em out quick. This shouldn’t be what slows you down)

Snatches-Coordination and accuracy

Clean and Jerk-Power, strength, balance

Intent-Give the athlete a performance metric and introduce the athlete to open level program difficulty.

11 thoughts on “WOD for 20 JAN 2016

  1. So I lost my phone. That sucks. I am going to do this glorious workout tomorrow as I feel like crap and was on a jump till 11 something.

  2. Matt, Tom and I were there today getting it in. Matt was there on time and crushed it. Tom and I were a little late due to work stuff. Tom made 75 reps on 15.1 with knees to elbows and deadlifts only, no snatches. He did 14lb wall ball cleans for 6 minute max effort for 15.1A. I got 90 reps and made 185 on the C&J. It was fun.

  3. Thats a great workout. I can’t wait to do it tomorrow. Hopefully I feel better so I don’t suck it up too bad. Im excited to see how much I have improved.

  4. Just did the WOD!!!! 90 reps and 205 for C&J. The TTB sucked, I need better technique and DLs weren’t bad the snatches was fun really used my hips for the lift helped me stay on the TTB longer I feel.

  5. I miss you guys as well, but traveling around is so much fun going to different gyms and doing our WODs. I see you are also getting after as well Cliff, good job!!

  6. Did 134 reps on 15.1. This sickness definitely made this a lot worse than it shoulda been. I did 218 on the clean and jerk. Ditto on the sickness bit for that.

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