WOD for 25 JAN 2016

This week is a “Deload” week. I don’r really think we need one considering the snowdays last week knocked of two of my usual days of working out but the next 3 weeks after this deload week are going to be…rough. I am going to be gone as well until Friday.

So Deload doesn’t mean hang out and chill it is primarily to give your body a chance to recuperate by doing something a little different than we usually do.

But before we do different things lets do some MINDSET MONDAY!!!!

  1. 2 x 500 Meter row SPRINTs. Max effort here take no longer than 5 minutes in between efforts.


The workout is “AB”Solutely ridiculous:


GHD Situps



Some of you are able to safely perform this. Other of yous are not. Cliff please be discerning with who shows up (as I know you will). An easy scale is 15,12,9 or simply subbing abmat situps with knees to elbows. Up to you!

3 thoughts on “WOD for 25 JAN 2016

  1. 1:46 and 1:47 on the rows which is a PR for me. Tom hit 2:18 and 2:06 on the rows. On the METCON I got 21 and 15 done on TTB but could not get my toes up on the 9 and had to scale to knees to elbow in 7:27. Tom scaled to 15, 12, 9 and knees to elbowsish. He loved GHDs. Just kidding. He hit 8:20.

  2. Oh Cliff I laughed out loud for that one!

    I did the METCON here at Crossfit JBLM and they had a crew of about 20 peeps and 5 coachs. Impressive. They also have their own CF room which has all the bars racks and Crossfit stuff in it. That room is reserved everyday at 1730 for the CF class.

    My jaw hit the floor.

    Im glad you guys had fun with that stuff and the run tomorrow should *hopefully* burn some of that soreness out.

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