WOD for 29 JAN 2016

1130 at Frederick’s Physical Fitness Center


So today the Force Awakens.

You better warm up your Force pretty good here cause this workout can range from simply bad to utterly ridiculous. So use the Force Luke!


The Force Awakens!!! Insert notecard movement here!!! (Look below)

:Surprise Movement Here:

50 Dus

45 Air Squats

40 Abmat Situps

35 Push Ups

30 Pull Ups

25 OH Walking Lunges 45/35#

20 back extensions

15 HSPUs

10 GHDs

5 body blasters with TTB instead of knees to elbows

:Surprise Movement Here:


Ten general physical skills:

Cardiovascular Endurance for all.


Intent: Develop long range cardiovascular endurance with increasing difficulty.


Next week we are bringing back the barbell (with a vengeance) so really try your best to develop your body weight cardio endurance with this one.


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