WOD for 01 FEB 2016

1130 at Fredericks Physical Fitness Center


A new month with a new focus. For the past couple months we have been working on skills development in order to ensure all of our athletes can at least perform most of the Crossfit Open workouts without scaling. Now aside from muscle ups and pistol squats I feel like our center of gravity is where it needs to be with skills.

So for the next 3 weeks leading up to the open we are going to focus on developing proficiency and stamina with the barbell. This next month is going to be called

“Bringing Back the Barbell”


So with bringing back the barbell we are all going to have to be intimately aware of our bodies and the damage that “pride” can have on them. I am going to be programming specifically for the stronger members of our group and that is no quip against anyone else. We are all on different developmental plains when it comes to Crossfit as well as life. So with each workout I am going to be writing out a short “intent” section as well as which of the “ten general physical skills” I am trying to develop here. SOOO if you see 135# cleans and the 10 GFS lists out endurance and stamina and you are thinking, “Holy Crap! That is near my max, I’ll be doing good just to lift that!” Then you have to self assess as well as listen to the coaches to determine that the intent is not to crush your soul with weight but to build endurance and stamina. Therefore we would scale that down quite a bit to keep from injury. Make sense?

So the First Workout of FEB is…


Mindset MONDAY!!!


3 Rounds for Reps

135/95# Clean and Jerks. Touch and go. As soon as you let go of the bar your set ends!

Try to beat you last score with this.




5 FS 185/135

10 HSPUs (Scale as needed)



Clean and jerks- Develop stamina as well as build consistency and efficiency with the TNGs.

5RFT-Athlete must learn how to control the body processes even under high repetitions and cardio duress. Or the HSPUs are going to take forever.


10 GFS:

C and Js- Stamina, coordination.

FS- Power, flexibility.

HSPUs-Accuracy, balance, stamina


3 thoughts on “WOD for 01 FEB 2016

  1. Definitely got a flat tire and had to get the whole thing replaced after partying to hard with it flat.
    Going to be hitting this glorious workout up later at CF Metanoia or Fredericks.

  2. Sorry about the flat brother. I had to end the METCON at three rounds for time to be back at work. I hit 7, 7, 6 on the TNGs. Not sure about the time on the METCON.

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