WOD for 02 FEB 2016

1130 at Fredericks Gym

3 and a half weeks will the Crossfit Open! Sign up now at games.crossfit.com and list your affiliate as Crossfit89. Even if you are not a regular with us we will be hosting the events at Fredericks and providing judges.


Ok so this one is going to suck and I immediately regret programming it. So without further ado:


10 Thruster 95/65

30 DUs


Rest 5 Minutes



10 TTB

30 DUs


Rest 5 Minutes



5 Snatches 95/65

30 DUs


The intent here is to burn each 5 minute segment down like Pat MacNamara would!

Pat MacNamara


And Pat ALWAYS goes hard in the paint. Youtube Pat for further study.


So intent:

Be like Pat. Go as hard as you can. Intent is to keep moving as fast as you can. If DUs are wrecking you switch to singles and do them 1 for 1 but keep that barbell moving. The overarching goal here is to develop short range barbell stamina with the DUs as an active rest.

10 GFS:

Thrusters: Flexibility, speed, balance.

DUs: Cardiovascular endurance, accuracy (under duress)

TTB: Accuracy, stamina

Snatches: Coordination, stamina

2 thoughts on “WOD for 02 FEB 2016

  1. That was awful. Went full Kurten on that.

    Did 4 rounds +1 on thrusters
    4 +5 on TTB
    then 4 +20 (or 3 + 15 or 7 +9 or something) on the snatches.

    I think I did a set of 5 on the first set of snatches and then just lost my mind.

    Fun workout though and I like the setup so we will probably do more of those kinds in the future!

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