Recovery Day for 3 FEB 2o16

So for the recovery day today I am going to be going through the olympic lifts and hopefully build some consistency with the newer folks (and myself.)

The oft cited mantra of:

Mechanics, consistency, intensity ring true in Crossfit if you want to prevent injury and optimize performance and taking some time to simply work on low weight mechanic focused lift can only help.

So tomorrow we are going to work on those. Oh and Joey C should be back in which case what workout should he do tomorrow as a welcome back WOD???

2 thoughts on “Recovery Day for 3 FEB 2o16

  1. We had a meeting that lasted till 1235 or so.

    Joey did yesterdays workout and it was glorious!!! I was hollering at him the whole time and he collapse at the end for a solid 5 or 6 minutes and that was before he moved. It took a full ten minutes before he even stood up.

    Good times!!! The poopy face was epic.

    Ryan crushed it too and did some rows instead of jump rope. Technique was looking good on the snatches.

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