WOD for 05 FEB 2016

1130 at Fredericks Gym!


20 Days till the first open workout!! Sign up today and list your affiliate as Crossfit89!


Here is the glory for today:


Bringing Back the BarBell!

10 x DL 315/225

10 x BS 275/205

10 x Bench Press 225/135

10 x FS 225/185

10 x Cleans 185/135

10 x Jerks 185/135

10 x Snatches 135/95

10 x OHS 135/75

10 x Thrusters 115/65


If those weights are looking a touch North of a realistic expectation, scale it down. The intent is to do just some straight meat head lifting at 80% or so of the 1RM.

Perform these in what ever order you want. I suggest getting a check list and marking them off as you do it. Start light and go heavy, start heavy and go light, it is up too you!

Get beastly with it folks.


8 thoughts on “WOD for 05 FEB 2016

  1. Hey guys I got tapped with Casualty Assitance for the next 30 days. I’m not sure how this will effect my schedule yet. I will def not be there until 2 or 3 today. Good luck!

  2. Made it about halfway through it.

    Apparently an hour wasn’t enough time for this much GGGGGLLLLOOOOOORRRRYYYYY!!!!

  3. I didn’t finish. I started heavy and during the FS I felt my goin get super tight and then felt something give so I dropped the weight and called it a day. Not sure trying to do 90 reps of heavy Olympic lifts for time is such a great idea.

  4. Yeah it wasn’t supposed to be for time. I took it super easy on the pace and actually felt pretty good throughout. It was a learning experience.

    Did you go motoring through it like a mad man?

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