WOD for 08 FEB 2016

1130 at Fredericks Gym!

So remember to sign up for the Open! Also if you feel the inkling, sign up for the Festivus Games hosted by Crossfit Metanoia in April. It is an intermediate and novice level competition. I did it last year and it was a ton of fun and a great intro into “competitive” crossfit.

So due to several people already expressing a desire to do the festivus games we are going to due some Festivus specific workouts that will be for the Festivus participants. The rest of us are going to keep rocking on our normal schedule.

So for starters we are going to do:


Mindset MONDAY!

2 x 500 meter row sprints with 5 minutes rest in between.

I know we did this a couple weeks ago but seriously give it a Max Effort attempt at taking 3 or 4 seconds off your previous best.




Descending Ladder


Snatches 95/65

Bar Muscle Ups


Festivus Games Participants

We are going to establish some baselines before we get into specific programming. SOOO you have been convicted and sentenced to:

25 to Life (Named by Cliff)

10 Min time cap


25 wall ball 20/14

25 Air squat

25 HR Pushups

25 Dus or Sus (The one you start with is the one you stick with)

25 Am KBS 53/35

25 DU or SU (The one you start with is the one you have to stick with)

25 HR Pushups

25 Air Squat

25 Wall Ball 20/14


Wait 20 minutes then:


Floater WOD

3 minutes to

Row 20 cal then

Bench press for total weight for the remaining time of the 3 minutes.

So 100# x 25=2500#s and that is your score!

Note: You have to keep the same weight on the bar once you start.




2 thoughts on “WOD for 08 FEB 2016

  1. Did 1:34 on the row which tied my previous best for 500 meter sprints then did 1:42 on the second one. Kinda was a little wrecked after the first one.

    Did 7:15 on the Festivus Games workout. There weren’t any racks available for the snatchs and muscle ups.

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