WOD for 9 FEB 2015

Fredericks 1130.


TEAM DAY!!! Choose well!

Now sit down before you read this workout because I definitely Dbo’ed this one off of Competitors Training because it looked super super fun! SOOO let us talk about it.

1st off, this is a pretty extreme number of well…everything. So if you get going and feel like you are going to die (:Cough: Cliff :Cough:) we are going to scale. This is going to be a marathon so I would rather us scale early and complete the reps than risk injury going full undertaker on the whole thing.

2nd off, mentioning injury this is something like 66 reps each, if it is even steven through the team, so if you come out of the gate like Sea Biscuit with a sabre tooth chasing him you and by association we are not going to last long. SOO in an effort to hit it hard but also be smart let us take the first couple sets of each of these to kinda find a flow.


Team WOD

Teams of 3

200 Front Squats, 135/95

200 Kipping HSPU

200 Burpee Box Jumps, 24/20″

200 KBS 70/53


The intent here is to develop long range/short burst cardio and strength.

10 GFS:

FS-Stamina, strength, flexibility.

HSPU-Stamina, coordination, accuracy

Burpee box jumps-Cardiovascular endurance

KBS-Stamina, strength.




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