WOD for 10 FEB 2015

1130 at Fredericks Gym

One word.


Oh yeah. If you don’t know the glory that is Frantasy Land Check out this:


So this workout is possibly the most evil thing I have ever seen.

It is


Thruster 95

Pull Ups



Thruster 115

Chest to Bar Pullups



Thrusters 135

Bar Muscle Ups


This workout is a high skill (MUs) endurance (1 million Thruster) marathon. It is going to be glorious and yes we are going to start most of us on a scaled version. Probably all the way from 45 to ending in 95. We will determine that as the time comes.

Intent: Establish a “worst workout ever” so that every other workout will pale in comparison.

10 GFS:

Thrusters and pull up series-Cardiovasular endurance, power, flexibility, agility, speed, balance, power, and stamina. Just about everything.


2 thoughts on “WOD for 10 FEB 2015

  1. Did it in 32:15. I paced a little slow to save myself for the MUs but turns out the MUs were pretty easy minus the massive torn hand which probably definitely added 2 or 3 minutes to my time. Can’t say I learned anything but it was fun!! I fully expected it to suck…and it did.

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