WOD for 19 FEB 2016

1130 at Fredericks


Going to rehit a WOD we did a few months ago. If you track your time (you should) then hopefully you should see an improvement! To track your times is easy, there are several ways but here are 2.

  1. Beyond the whiteboard
  2. Record your times in the comment section.

I have done both and it is a good way to track improvement.




2xSquat Snatch 115/75 TNG



Ascending Rep Scheme

3 OHS 95/65


30 Dus

6,6,30,9,9,30,12,12,30, etc etc


Intent: Develop some high skill olympic lifts and gymnastic movements


10 GFS:

Squat snatches: Flexibility, balance

OHS: Flexibility, balance

HSPU-Balance, coordination

DU-Cardio, coordination

3 thoughts on “WOD for 19 FEB 2016

  1. Felt good today!! Despite my abs being sore. Seemed like the snatches came super easy.
    Did 7 HSPUs into the Round of 15 on the METCON but I started on the HSPUs not the OHS cause Joey and I were flip flopping.
    Good work for Lisa and everyone. Seemed like this WOD hit right at the sweet spot of feeling like much more and I would wanna die but enough to feel good about it!

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