WOD for 22 FEB

1130 at Fredericks Gym

So in preparation for the open announcement on thursday we are going to be doing a DELOAD week. This is a week were intensity is kept high but the intent is to give the body a little bit of a break. I certainly know my abs are still sore from the GHDs last Wednesday.

So for Mentality Monday we are going to do a…

1 Mile Max Effort Run!!!


Said no one in Crossfit 89 EVER!!!!

Now I know everyone is jumping for joy but its only a mile. Set a good goal and do your best to hit it. I am going to set my goal for 6:15.

After that we are going to do a…

12 Min EMOM

Odds: 3 Hang Squat Snatches (Medium/Light weight)

Evens: 5-10 TTB

Intent is to develop some mid range cardio (Run) with some short burst power/skill development (Hang Snatches, TTB) and rest for the open. If you need to do a few more here than prescribed then go right ahead but keep in mind it is a deload week for a reason.

10 GFS:


Hang Squat Snatches-Coordination, flexibility, balance

TTB-Coordination, accuracy (use just enough force to achieve the objective without a miss or an overshot, i.e. just tap the bar with your toes, don’t miss or go smashing into it)

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