WOD for 24 FEB 2016

1130 at Fredericks Gym

So registration for the open closes here in the next day or so. Soooo sign up!!!

We are going to forego our usually recover day on Wednesday and reschedule it for Thursday because the open announcement is Thursday night and we will be doing the Open WOD on Friday and I would prefer to be fresh.


Ok so the Kettle Bell KAOOOSSS of yesterday was a little tougher than expected so a good cool down from that is this:

For time

20 Strict Press 115/75

1000 meter row

15 Push Press 135/95

750 meter row

10 Push jerk 155/115

500 meter row

5 Split Jerk 185/135

250 Meter row


Do the movements as programmed! If you need to drop weight to knock out the strict presses then do so.

Intent: Get the shoulders really working and get the motor patterns warmed up for presses in the future.

10 GFS:

Row-Cardio,accuracy (making sure you aren’t working extra by having slack in the chain)

Shoulder movements-Power, stamina, strength


Post time to comments!!!

And here is some lovin from yesterday…IMG956280.jpgIMG956281.jpg


6 thoughts on “WOD for 24 FEB 2016

  1. Now watch me WHIP, watch me nae nae~ haha my hair is cray! straight beastmode! My time is 12:43. Is the registration for the open different from the festivus games? I’ll join you guys on friday! Today was fun! It almost broke me ha!

  2. Yes Lisa the registration for the festivus is different than the open.

    Did today’s workout in 18:15 or something like that. It was awful. So much for a deload week…my bad!

  3. Thats a good picture, between Lisa’s hair, Ryan’s butt, Brittany’s disdain, Alicia’s model pose, and me dying it is certainly a keeper. Now if only Cliff was there laying on the floor and Cruz was full poopy face would it be any better.

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